Minimum of 2 candles.

The refill program allows you to try new scents and create new labels with 12oz jars you have already purchased from Isabis LLC. Send your jars as is (not broken) and I will clean, refill with a scent of your choice and relabel with a saying of your choice!

Candle Refill

Pick A Saying For Candle 1
Pick A Saying For Candle 2
Scent for Candle 1
Scent for Candle 2
  • As a part of the candle refill program, the customer will be responsible for any shipping fees associated with mailing the jars. Please safely package the jars to prevent any damage. There will be a follow up email sent containing a shipping address for Isabis LLC. Once received, Isabis LLC will inspect the jars for any damage. If there are any damages noted, the customer will be notified within 24hrs of receiving the jar and a refund will be given for any paid monies for shipping.

    Please use code "Refill" during check out to avoid paying shipping twice.

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